Single Clove Garlic


“Poondu Laegiyum” for post-delivery. healing and weight reduction. Poondu Laegiyum is a medicinal paste prepared using garlic.

It is traditionally given to delivered mothers to heal post-delivery injuries.

It is also given to kindle appetite and reduce weight too. One cup of peeled garlic cloves is sauteed well with castor oil/ sesame oil.

After cooling, it is ground along with a very small amount of other spices such as dry ginger, pepper and long pepper Finally palm jaggery is added and made into a paste.


Kodaikanal Hill single clove Garlic (Kodaikanal Malai Poondu Otha poondu ) Is Uniqueness!

The uniqueness of this single clove garlic is attributed to the soil condition, hill altitude and the climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, rainfall) prevailing in the regions of Kodaikanal, said the application adding: “Kodaikanal villagers totally depend on garlic for almost all common ailments like headache, asthma, tiredness, body pain, indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems.etc.”

Otha Poondu Legiyamum, a medicinal paste prepared using garlic is traditionally given to mothers after childbirth It is also given to kindle appetite and reduce weight. Poondu rasam is a kind of soup prepared traditionally in the villages of the Kodaikanal region using garlic for relieving body pains, digestive problems and for general body health.

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