Hill Honey


  • Nourishes Your Skin – Your dull skin will turn into a soft and nourished one once you start incorporating garlic with honey in your daily routine. This mixture rejuvenates your skin and gives you an everlasting glow.
  • Cures a Common Cold and Allergies- The anti-bacterial properties of this mixture cure common cold and allergies in a few days.
  • Strengthens Immunity- The mixture of garlic and honey helps boost your immunity.
  • Manages your cholesterol levels
  • Helps reduce the chances of heart attack


Hill Honey has been used as a natural cure since ancient times. It has both nutritional and medicinal properties which makes it a perfect natural remedy. Antioxidants and enzymes are present in honey.

It is also worth mentioning the variety of minerals and vitamins that honey contains – magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin B6, niacin, thiamin, and the list goes on. Honey is an antioxidant that is both antibacterial and antimicrobial.

It can be used to help boost your energy and your immune system, reduce allergies, soothe coughs and sore throats, fight infections and prevent cancer.

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Weight 1 kg