Our Nursery

Commercial fruit farming – an idea that Hill Grown Nursery Kodai Fresh Private Limited sowed two decades ago has come of age. We have proved that fruit farming is now not just viable but also profitable.

Fruits are generally higher priced than all other farm produce. However, farmers are hesitant to be engaged in fruit farming. This is because of the lack of knowhow about which fruits would suit their soil conditions, the unpredictability of a good harvest, the ignorance as regards the correct techniques of farming, etc.

Hill Grown Nursery Kodai Fresh Private Limited has developed fruit varieties and farming techniques which do away with almost all of these problems. The fruits are improved varieties of tropical fruits of Southeast Asian origin which are tasty and in great demand. They are acclimatized to the Indian conditions of soil and climate. They are of high quality, give a high yield and have a long lifespan. Once grown, the trees need minimal attention and care, and they give a good harvest consistently. Moreover, these trees are less prone to diseases and pests compared to other varieties available.

Hill Grown Nursery Kodai Fresh Private Limited offers not only suitable planting materials, but also support, guidance and sufficient information on how to plant, grow and nurture them. The farmers and nursery owners are also given tips on easy and effective maintenance of the trees. In fact, fruit farming had never been this simple, easy and predictable.

Sow them right. Grow them right. Enjoy the harvest.